Air Conditioner brands in India are launching highly energy efficient ACs. Air conditioners with five star ratings or the Inverter ACs that are also extremely energy efficient.

Brands are working hard to design beautiful looking ACs and include value added features especially developed for Indian markets, based on health conditions, local climatic patterns and consumer requirements. Apart from being cooling devices, these new age ACs are also high on innovative features like humidity control, air purification and a newly launched feature that repels mosquitoes in a non-toxic way for you to enjoy a sound sleep, especially in a season where serious epidemics like dengue, malaria are at their peak. Above mentioned features could be subjective and may impact your decision to choose an AC but the primary factors that will help you choose the best AC for you are:

1. Capacity: The capacity of the air conditioner should be considered depending on the area of the room for which the AC is required. A broad criteria estimates that an area in range of 100 ~140 Sq. ft. area will need 1 ton, 150 ~180 Sq. ft. area will need 1.5 ton and 180 ~240 Sq. ft. area will need 2 ton cooling capacity air –conditioner.It depends on a lot of other things like, number of doors/windows, number of people residing, your own cooling expectation, a top floor/middle/ground floor etc.

2. Energy efficiency: Air conditioners come with star rated energy efficiency ratings; also called EER, which has been standardized by the Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE). Therefore, any unit with more stars will consume lesser electricity than one with a lower star rating. More the number of hours of expected usage of the AC, it makes more sense to buy a higher star rated AC.

3. Split or window AC: Another deciding factor is whether you want a window AC or a split model. Though window units are cheaper and easy to install, split ACs are quieter, aesthetically more pleasing and provide better air distribution.

4. Product Price: Price is another important factor to consider as more features and higher star ratings account for a higher price tag. Window ACs are cheaper than Split ACs. For every star rating increase there is an increase of around Rs 2,500. An Inverter AC is usually 20% higher than a 5-Star rated Split AC.

5. Installation requirements: The window AC is a compact unit designed to be attached to the windows. A split AC has a compressor unit outside the house and one indoor unit inside the room, specifically designed for better flow of air. 6. After sales services: Air Conditioner is a service oriented product. It regular service like a car. After sales services and other add-on features like warranty would certainly be a plus for your purchase. Look for a service oriented brand which has the capabilities and good network to meet the servicing need of your product.

Happy Choosing & enjoy the cooling. For any query, write to us.